Oi me! I have some questions for you…

What is the point of Colour of Music?

I’m not sure it has a point. I like to explore ideas that have abstract elements and give them a physical existence. This is one of those ideas.


How is a CoM design created?

I have created a framework and colour palette for the design to reveal itself. Neither you or I know, what will unfold until the chosen piece of music is translated into this visual language.


Which part of a song do you translate?

Usually the first section of a song. In terms of time, around the first minute. The rush of expectation when a good song opens up, having colour accompany the sound adds to that buzz for me, opening up another dimension to the music.


Can you translate any song?

If I can get hold of the chords and chord changes, then yes, I’m pretty sure I can.


Are you taking orders?

I have no official online store, however, I have created a handful of designs in the form of Giclee prints responding to requests through my Instagram.


Thanks Daniel. No worries……Daniel. 




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